LPC1 was originally formed in 1984 by Pervaiz Naviede, the founder and principal shareholder, as a property company.

The company’s original objective was to build up a substantial property portfolio in the retail, industrial, office and residential sectors concentrating initially in the Manchester and Greater Manchester area where the company’s headquarters are based.

The first project was the purchase and refurbishment of a Shopping Centre in South Manchester and the disposal of surplus land for residential development. The company subsequently diversified into other parts of the country, although the main concentration of its investments were maintained in the Midlands and the North.

It achieved a high return on capital employed by demonstrating its expertise in sourcing, acquiring and financing property transactions which proved to be very profitable.

The Trustees of the Pervaiz Naviede Family Trust have a significant portfolio of UK properties,  LPC1 is appointed to provide its expertise in property management  to the Trustees.

LPC1 is now the principle contact for all tenants also ensuring that the rental collection, day-to-day management and other management, health and safety and legislative issues affecting the trust properties are actively enforced.

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