Plans to be Revealed for Ordsall Site


Ordsall District Centre

Plans to be Revealed for Ordsall Site

Proposals for a key site in Salford are anticipated to be revealed next month by LPC Living, the developer owned by the Pervaiz Naviede Family Trust.

Ordsall’s District Centre sits at the heart of the 180-acre estate and for a time was a thriving retail and leisure centre when it was originally constructed in the 1960s boasting a shopping parade, convenience store, pub, library and other community facilities. However, in subsequent years the site struggled to compete with larger out of town developments and its isolated position away from major roads led to a decline in passing trade.

However, a bright new future is proposed for the site by LPC Living which, in partnership with Salford Council, is committed to investing more than £100m in the Ordsall area. To date the company has created more than 600 affordable homes, invested in a range of infrastructure improvements and part-funded a primary school and children’s centre. In 2012, the company completed Radclyffe Park which provided new retail and leisure facilities for businesses including Morrisons and Travelodge and, crucially, for companies wishing to relocate from the former District Centre development. This included the very first Betfred bookmakers which had first opened its doors in 1967 and has grown to more than 1,350 betting shops today.

With new retail facilities in place this paved the way for the demolition of the former district centre and for initial plans to be drawn up in readiness for community consultation. Part of the site is already home to more than 24 community allotment plots which were completed by Ordsall Community Allotment Society earlier this year.

Next month, LPC Living plans to invite those living and working in the Ordsall and Salford Quays area to view the plans which propose around 150 family townhouses and apartments, improved links between the north and south parts of the estate and an attractive ‘Orchard Walk’ providing a green buffer between the housing and allotments.

Scott Neal, marketing manager, said “Ordsall has cemented its position as an attractive place for first-time buyers, young professionals and families to live. This, combined with increasing numbers of people working in the Quays and MediaCity area, has created a clear need for continued investment in affordable housing. Alongside this we’re propose a number of improvements to the areas around the site which would benefit both new and existing residents”.

The plans are anticipated to be shown to the public at the Ordsall Community Forum on Tuesday 18 November which takes place at 10.00am at the Ordsall Neighbourhood Centre on Robert Hall Street, Ordsall M5.

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